I'm living in Los Angeles where I work, study, and play. I have my B.S. degree in Kinesiology- Exercise Science and am currently in graduate school getting a Doctors of Chiropractic degree to go along with my love for teaching yoga.

I grew up with so many different aspirations - to have a successful career all while I stay creative, model, travel the world, make a fashion statement, and fall in love. For a long time I was overwhelmed with all of my dreams, so I brushed them off and stuck to the one thing I knew - school.  Now that I'm officially done with my undergrad, I've finally decided to take a swing at the things I love doing.

I started traveling, I model more, and I've opened my heart to love - all while continuing to work towards having a successful career. This blog is my path to staying creative. I hope it inspires you to travel, fall in love, stay healthy, and try new things - just like it does me.

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