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Welcome to the Wild West Coast

Welcome to the Wild West Coast

Wearing American Apparel. Photo by Are Bernard.

         Cheers to my first blog! And cheers to the fact that I'm in Los Angeles making my dreams come true. I moved to LA about three and a half years ago to pursue something on the creative side. I just didn't know what exactly that creative thing was.

 I've been a model, I've done some acting, and one time I even decided I wanted to sing a little and take some dance classes on the side. I've discovered I'm not a very coordinated person and that I probably have a little ADHD too. Oh well, it was all fun while it lasted.

My experience finding myself in LA has been one wild ride. From living in a studio with no kitchen and having to wash my dishes in a tub, to being chased down Hollywood Boulevard by a homeless man that only wanted to tell me that life is too short to frown and that I should smile (I blame it on my resting bitch face).

LA creatives all have a story. I want to share with you my secrets to surviving in LA, all while keeping it classy in my extremely high pumps. Oh, and leather moto jacket.

My Tcherno Blog was created to help you find some class to go with that west coast sass.

-Magi Tcherno