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You Go Coco

You Go Coco

The health and fitness industry is a huge part of LA living. Every corner of Santa Monica has a yoga studio and some type of healthy, vegan, gluten-free juicery next door. It's basically become part of the Angeleno culture. "You Go Coco" is the first of many blog posts here to motivate you to get up off your ass you little sass pants. 

Today's Cardio Inspired Exercise: 

1 mile jog for warm up

Circuit 1

10x3 box jumps

15x3 10lbs squat overhead ball throws

10x3 10lbs ball alternating lung with trunk twist (each leg)

30 Jumping Jacks

Circuit 2

30 Mountain Climbers

2x15 one-legged cable kickback

2x15 one legged cable abduction

2x15 one legged cable adduction

30 Jumping Jacks

Circuit 3

2x15  dumbbell over head press

30 jumping jacks

2x15 reverse dumbbell fly

30 jumping jacks

Circuit 4

2x15 triceps kickback

30 Jumping jacks

2x15 Ab V ups

50 jumping jacks (200 JJ total)


You probably just scrolled through this exercise and thought to yourself, " who dafuq is this girl telling me to do 200 jumping jacks?"

I might have forgotten to mention that I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology with a focus on Exercise Science. HA.

Well Cheers to You,



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