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Cleaning Suede

Cleaning Suede

Cleaning Suede Made easy

I wore these pink suede shoes last weekend with my Halloween Costume and I knew they were going to be destroyed after the night was done. We went to a club so  there were endless of alcoholic beverages spilt on my shoes and tons of people stepping on my feet. I usually steer clear from buying suede shoes because they ALWAYS GET DIRTY - especially if they are any other color than black - but I had to do it for the gram  ;) lol

 I've thrown away countless of suede shoes because they look hideous after only a few times of wearing them. I never knew what kind of cleaner was safe to use without ruining the texture of my shoes + washing them with water never quite did the trick. I found this super handy all-in-one Leather and Suede Cleaner Kit on Amazon and I am obsessed! It comes with a scuff and stains eraser, suede brush, suede cleaner, and protecting spray.

The before picture I have up on my shoes doesn't do it justice. They were pretty much ruined but it took me only two minutes to make them look brand new again!

5 Easy Suede Cleaning Steps:

Step 1: Wet your shoes

Step 2: Pour a dime amount of cleaner onto your brush

Step 3: Scrub it off!

Step 4: Wait til your shoes dry

Step 5: Apply the Waterproofing/Protecting spray on it


P.S. : If your shoes need just a touch up then I would skip these steps and just use the scuff and stain eraser the kit provides

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Suede and Leather Cleaner

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Suede Pink Pumps

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