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The Perfect Coachella Bikini

The Perfect Coachella Bikini

Coachella is only 5 days away...

And I'm rushing to put outfits together. This year my friends and I decided to rent out a house with a pool down the street from the festival and I've been in search for the perfect bikini.  I plan to bathe by the pool in the morning, then slip on a pair of black denim shorts and cute gold jewelry right before I head over to the polo fields. I've found a cute boho inspired bikini from an online boutique  and I can't wait to finalize my outfit.

I haven't had the chance to go to the mall to find cute shorts and jewelry, but below are a few ideas I had in mind to go with the bikini top.


 Want My Coachella Look?

This perfect bikini is from @andi_bagus. It has the vibe of Coachella but incorporates a "by the sea" look. I thought it gave a nice touch. Definitely something a little different from the basic crochet crop top.  

The ripped black shorts are from @topshop. I chose black shorts instead of blue because I dont want to wear blue on blue. I feel that it would be a little bland if I did.

These golden jewelry pieces would look perfect with a glowing tan and I also love how simple they are. You can order online through the  @lili_claspe website. If you don't have enough time to get them online, I would go to Forever 21 because they have pretty much everything under the sun.


Photos by @BryantNix

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