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Day Dates

Day Dates

I've always been a big fan of day dates... 

And I use the word "date" very lightly. It doesn't have to be this extravagant day out. It can be as simple as going grocery shopping, taking a walk to the park or hike near your area, riding bikes at the beach, or even running errands together. 

Don't get me wrong, I love being surprised with flowers and a home made dinner but there's always something about the little things. Plus, the regular date night out can get a little repetitive anyways: go to dinner, catch a movie, eat some ice cream.

Day dates are easy because of the low expectation fun that comes out of it. Scott and I get up early every Sunday to grab a coffee and take a walk to the beach. The first time we ever decided to walk to the beach we found out that there's a Farmers Market that goes on every Sunday on Main Street, Santa Monica. This low expectation day date turned into a Sunday morning tradition. We now not only grab coffee together, but we get to listen to live music and grocery shop. Most importantly, I get to drag Scott to the dog adoption that goes on across the street from the market. Like I said, Day dates are the best! 

For those of you that are actually looking to plan a day date instead off just running errands  together - which I think is so important because it gives you quality time when your schedules are busy - Scott and I also take mini day trips together to different Southern California cities. We love Santa Monica but changing up the scenery gives our date a little more excitement, not to mention something new to talk about! It doesn't have to even be a far drive. We've jump over to the closest cities near us - Venice, Redondo, Manhattan - And somedays we're feeling a little more adventurous so we find our way down Laguna or up in Santa Barbara. All these cities have beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, and new shops we can explore. We also tend to drive through different residential communities and basically window shop for our dream homes. 

I can without a doubt say that day dates are better than your typical date night. Even when you're not planning anything big, it still always turns out to be so much fun and you get an entire day of quality time together.








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