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Travel Planning Tips

Travel Planning Tips


Hawaii is around the Corner...

And I'm rushing to get my shit together. In between having senioritis and struggling to finish up my final projects at school before I graduate, I'm planning for my very first vacay to Hawaii. This is my first trip of the summer so I'm rushing to find fun activities, suitable outfits, and unforgettable restaurants to try. Here are a few travel planning tips:


1. Use travel booking aggregators

Luckily, I didn't do the booking this time. But when I do I make sure to use travel booking aggregators like Hotels Tonight and Priceline to find cheap last minute deals. The best part of using a travel aggregator website is that if you find a great deal through them, then you can call the actual hotel, tell them about the offer you found online, and the hotel will either offer a better deal or try to match the offer. This way you don't have to pay any hidden agency fees if there are any. I also use AirBnb if I'm vacationing with a large group of people. I can usually find beautiful vacation homes to rent out that way.

2. Plan a list of things to do rather than a set itinerary

My itineraries have always been a general guideline aka a list of things I want to do. Thus far I've found great places to zipline, snorkel, scuba-dive, paddle board, and swim with turtles. I'm also on the look out for historic museums and popular restaurants I should visit while I'm there too. I have seven days to explore the island and I want to make every moment count. Even though I've looked up the phone numbers and addresses to these places and activities, I won't call to book them until I'm there. This way I'll have the group together and we can decide what to do as a group. Great way to avoid having to cancel activities if you have any last minute changes. Some places will charge you a cancellation fee so I rather just decide what I'm doing when I'm there.

3. Put together Outfits based on your general Guideline

I know I want to snorkel, I've found an awesome place to zip line, and I'm definitely hitting up some knew restaurants -  I've planned my outfits accordingly. Besides packing a million bikinis, I've also packed hiking gear, comfortable clothes to horseback ride in, and pretty dresses for date nights (as pictured).

4. Book activities During the Week Rather Than Over The Weekend 

This means spending less money and having more fun. Whether it be booking my hotel, flights, or fun activities, I'm booking during the week because is is that much cheaper. I also make sure to delete my cookies because I swear to god websites keep track of your search history and increase prices of flights the more you keep looking back at them. I'm flying in to Maui on Saturday so I have all day Saturday and Sunday to explore the area I'm staying at and book activities I want to do during the week. 

5. Pack Travel Sized

What I mean by this is if you have your regular sized face lotion, don't take it! - Just pack a mini. Super simple. Same goes for your shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hair brush, etc. Why? For one - it's light and you don't have to worry about not meeting weight restrictions at the airport.  Two - if you forget it at the hotel when you leave, that's okay! Your regular daily face lotion is at your house anyways.


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