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The Weekender

The Weekender

I'm almost a quarter of a life...

and one thing I've noticed is that life goes by a lot faster than you would like it to the older you get. When I was 15 I always wanted to be older, to live alone, and to run away from all the world and my parents. I had no sense of time or of how life worked. Always so wrapped up in what I didn't have and what could someday be that I never stopped to enjoy what I already had. It was always about me and how I could better myself for the future.


Now I'm here, almost twenty-five, thinking about the last decade and how unpropitiously fast things have gone. Not because time and aging is fast itself, but because I made my own life run that way. I made the decision to move away from my parents the moment I turned 18. I ran away from my hometown to Southern California where I experienced not only the best time of my life, but also the fastest.

I only lived in one place for about four to five months at a time. This gave me the chance to always meet new people, bathe at new beaches, and eat in new restaurants. My life was always on the go because I was always seeking a change. I lived for cheap thrills and new experiences. 


My last move was to Los Angeles and it wasn't until this last year when I realized I had lived in the same Los Angeles apartment for a little over a year now. I caught myself feeling the same feelings I get when I get  stuck alone in one place for too long. Where to next? Only this time it was different because I was finally content with where I was.

These last couple of months I decided to run away to family and weekend getaways instead of completely moving to a new city. This mini weekend vacay visiting family gave me the same thrill I got when I would run away to new beach cities every few months. That's when I realized I didn't have to keep moving to new places. I could just get away for a weekend. 

This weekend I ran away to my boyfriend's private vineyards in Sonoma County. I got to spend time with him and his family, go wine tasting, and just relax by the fireplace. Who would have thought that something so simple could fix my hunger for travel? The best part of this was I didn't need to bring much. All I really needed was a backpack, makeup bag, wallet, and duffel bag. 

I can now say that I've retired from being a beach city hopper to becoming an official weekend traveler. Whether it be visiting my own family, mini trips to different California cities, or traveling across the country, I've finally found another way of running away while keeping my mattress in the same city.



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Backpack: Fossil

Wallet: Guess

Make-up bag: Victoria Secret

Watch: Fossil

Leggings: Nike Pro

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